Craig Foster Live with SHY - 25th June 2020

Chatting to Craig Foster the day after his retirement announcement. We discuss the Aus-NZ Women's World Cup bid, the importance of quotas for women on boards and in leadership to help drive pay equity and gender equality in sport.

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Kate Miller-Heidke Live with SHY - 11 June 2020

Talking with Kate about the fact that our Australian artists, musicians and entertainers are hurting terribly right now.
We need to save our arts and entertainment industry from collapsing - so as we come out of COVID we still have art, music and stories to enrich our souls and help us understand and celebrate who we are as a community. Sign here if you agree.

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Jeff Hanson Live with SHY - 4 June 2020

On the eve of World Environment Day, I spoke with Sea Shepherd Australian Director Jeff Hansen on what we need to do to protect our wild oceans, keep our beaches clean and save our beautiful marine animals. 🐳🐬🐠🌊🏄🏻‍♀️🏝⛱

You can speak up for our environment here.

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Marta Dusseldorp Live with Shy - 21 May 2020

I had a wonderful chat with Marta about the state of the arts and creative industries in Australia amid the Covid19 crisis. You can support the future of Australian Arts here.

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Yael Stone Live with SHY - 28 May 2020

Talking clean air, clean water and a safe place to live with the ever-inspiring Yael Stone. If you too are interested in environmental recovery in a post-Covid world please sign here.

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Erik Thomson Live with SHY - 18 June 2020

Chatting films, screens and Australian stories (like Storm Boy) with Erik Thomson. A great discussion about how storytelling is important for exploring and reflecting who we are. Australia’s film and screen industry, like other parts of the arts and entertainment industry, needs support to survive after Covid19 - please sign if you agree.

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Save Australia Post

There are regulatory changes being pursued by Australia Post at the moment which, if not disallowed by the Parliament, will have an immediate and devastating impact on the service Australia Post provides to our community.

I have introduced a motion to disallow the regulatory changes in the Senate, with the support of Labor. However Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is refusing to vote in support of keeping these services. It’s very disappointing that One Nation has chosen to back the Morrison  Government over workers and those who rely on their mail, particularly older Australians and those who live in rural a regional areas. 

But all is not lost. The disallowance will be back before the Senate when parliament resumes in August. One Nation, together with the Coalition, risks the fate of so many posties, small businesses and customers reliant on the post across Australia.

I have serious concerns about these regulatory changes. Local and stable jobs, small business and a reliable public service are all at serious risk if these changes are allowed. Older Australians and people in rural and regional areas should be able to trust and rely on the post. Further, with unemployment figures already sky-rocketing we cannot put more people and businesses out of work.

We will not let these changes to the Australia Post be pushed through the Government without a fight.

The Morrison Government wants to weaken environmental protections.

I rise to take note of the answer given to my question to Senator Birmingham, who was representing the environment minister, about the environment. Of course this government has always had it in for the environment. This government has always wanted to find a way to weaken environmental protections. And we really have to question how much weaker they can get. We have the situation where one million hectares of koala habitat in this country have been destroyed. We have koalas in this country, in some parts, that are endangered. We have mines that are given approval, only then to contaminate water catchment areas. And of course we have the devastating and shocking destruction of 46,000-year-old ancient Aboriginal heritage. And this has happened under this government's watch. This has happened under the laws that are currently in place.

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