Back in action

This week I was sworn back into the Senate for another 6 years. I am feeling more energised and determined than ever.

On the agenda this week we had tax cuts, Bob Hawke condolences, the fight for decomocracy in Hong Kong, and privatisation of SA’s trains and trams. 

The $158 billion tax cut plan was the first test of the new Parliament and Labor has already collapsed at the first hurdle. The crossbench has shown their true colours and proven that the Greens are the only real opposition in the Senate.

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Ending the Extinction Crisis

Tonight’s episode of Four Corners exposed Australia’s extinction crisis for what it is: a national disgrace.

Help us make sure the Environment Minister takes this seriously.

Successive governments have ignored the growing alarm bells about our natural world and now we are in a full-blown crisis. Here in Australia, nearly 50 percent of all our birds, 87 percent of all our mammals, and 93 percent of all our flowering plants are unique to us.


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Together we can 🌊 stop ocean plastic 🙌

Happy World Ocean Day!

Here in Australia we have the most beautiful beaches in the world and we know how to enjoy them. We truly are the ocean-going nation.

We also know our oceans are under threat. From overfishing to warming, sea level rise and pollution - our oceans are in grave danger. Eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans each year. With 95% of plastics discarded after a single use and 85% of Australian seabirds affected by plastic pollution it’s clear there is a problem.

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Together we won, together we will fight.

After a long-fought campaign, the weekend’s results in South Australia delivered us strong swings across the state. Thanks to your support, we have doubled our vote and given a strong voice for climate action and protecting the Great Australian Bight. 

Thank you for supporting our campaign. Thousands of people volunteered their time, and donated their energy and support. It’s thanks to you we made it! 

This was a vote for our children’s future. I am incredibly proud of the strong support for climate action across South Australia. These swings make SA the most progressive state in the nation.

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