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Want to stay up to date with Sarah’s campaigns? Fill out your details and we’ll let you know what she is up to in the Senate and around the country.

Who's joining
Jill Millburn
Ken Nykiel
Ross Patterson
Gail Shepherdson
Aileen Vening
Pamela Alick
Rodney Stokes
Ruth Watson
Susanne Mercanti
Jacqueline Franklin
Pierre Zembla
Gerard Langridge
Susan Barrett
Gerard Langridge
Robert Kimber
Liina Meiusi
Fran Agosti
Susan White
Benjamin Farrell
Rahmatullah Ahmadi
Abdul naweed Balkhi
Abdul naweed Balkhi
Bob Newman
John Clayton Wilson
Elisabeth Brunet
Soma Yoges
Gerard Langridge
Yasin Sharif
Nicolette Worth
Aaron M Richards