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Want to stay up to date with Sarah’s campaigns? Fill out your details and we’ll let you know what she is up to in the Senate and around the country.

Who's joining
Isaac Astill
Annette Paradies
Andrew Smart
Brenton Mann
Melanie Searle
Helen Tweeddale
Barbara Gapps
Laura Pieraccini
Jennifer Medway
Nicole Gross-Parsons
Judith Gamper
Barbara Gapps
Britta Borchard
Linda Wilson
Josie Rimes
Dougal Fraser
Dina Lewis
Gerald Maxwell
Anne Loveband
Carolyn Willcocks
Holly Weston
Rick Shulver
Steve Bacon
M. Reza Massali
Joy Danielson
Judith Bourne
Marie-Louise Drew
Jill Millburn
Ken Nykiel
Gerard Langridge