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Want to stay up to date with Sarah’s campaigns? Fill out your details and we’ll let you know what she is up to in the Senate and around the country.

Who's joining
Ayesha Azeem
Colin Cassells
Liz Dicken
Rhonda Green
Helen Tweeddale
Barbara Gapps
Laura Pieraccini
Kate Yanz
Jarrod Howarth
barbara luck
Jill Polkinghorne
Tracey Nixon
Lucie Konečná
Sue Lewis
Carlie Williamson
Jo Faith
Malle Eden
Jennifer Medway
Nicole Gross-Parsons
Derek Stubbs
Janet Ma,oney
Judith Gamper
Carole Burns
Dorothy Dunne
Linda Martin
Linda Martin
Linda Martin
Rebecca Driver
Warren Keleher
Barbara Gapps