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Together we can stop the destruction of our environment

Our environment laws are failing!

It is time to fix them and increase protections for our environment.

Join our fight to save our wildlife from extinction and protect our wild places.


Who's signing
Rachel Scoltock
Hayatullah Mozafari
Andrea May
Blanca Rios
Jade Phoenix
Anton Scholte
David Bacon
Debbi Webby
Jörg Pöhler
Terri Harvey
Oliver Von Komorowski
Gayle Williams
Fiona Adin-James
Adrian McLEAN
Mark Hollick
Chris Noonan
Jennifer Tilleard
Pam McDonald
Sheena Gillman
Kerry Anderson
Kiralee McNamara
Jenny Brown
Harriet Daly
Liam McCarthy
Laura Riley
Alexander Kary
Jessica Halloran
Keryn Robinson
Victor Cabello
Claudia Martin

Will you sign?

Dear Prime Minister,

CC – Environment Minister

Scrapping protections for the environment is short sighted. I implore you to dump any plans that would trash our environment laws.

We must invest in job rich programs which will help restore our environment.

Now is the time to build a better world for future generations that is kinder to the environment.

I call on you to fund and put in place programs that protect Australia’s wild places and save our wildlife from extinction.

Yours sincerely

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