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Together we can stop the destruction of our environment

Our environment laws are failing!

It is time to fix them and increase protections for our environment.

Join our fight to save our wildlife from extinction and protect our wild places.


Who's signing
Claudia Hughes
Baeckea Driscoll
Claire Hazelwood
Ruth Lindsell
Tara Zimmer
Kayte Peters
Dagmar Feldmann
Linda Patton
Dianne Palmer
Carlos Gonzalez
Anton Scholte
Adrian McLean
Keryn Robinson
Jacqui Hipwell Hipwell
Chad McLachlan
Ronald Maxfield

Will you sign?

Dear Prime Minister,

CC – Environment Minister

Our Environment Laws are broken. We must invest in job rich programs which will help restore our environment.

Now is the time to build a better world for future generations that is kinder to the environment.

I call on you to fund and put in place programs that protect Australia’s wild places and save our wildlife from extinction.

Yours sincerely

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