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Climate Change and corporate greed is killing our river. Help save the Murray Darling

The Murray-Darling Basin faces unprecedented environmental collapse if we don’t act now. On current projections the 450GL promised to South Australia to keep the River alive will never be delivered. 

The Liberal-National Party have spent the past decade ripping off both the taxpayer and the environment. They never wanted the Plan to be delivered let alone in full and on time.

They funnelled billions of dollars into bogus projects that will never return the water to the River it needs and the law says it must get under the Basin Plan.

The time for draining the River and the public purse is over.

Help by signing the petition and calling on the new Government to urgently action to return flows to the environment and keep the River alive - it is time to lift the ban on water buybacks!

Who's signing
Melissa Anne Bean
Julie Clark
Bek Stewart
Gu WenJie
Jackie Davis
Richard Miller
Warwick Law
Julia Tierney
Dorothy White
Pamela Reeves
Denise Lytle
Wendy Whitton
Michael G Balding
Ian Bailey
Martine Holberton
Christine and Anthony Farrell
Philippa Cutter
Astrid Reu
Victoria Ross
Kim Kindler
Meher Behrana
Emma Rush
Karen McDonald
Rod McKellar
Jane Paul
Julian Coxall
Fiona Webb
Jennifer Medway
Diane Sutton
Judith Sampson

Will you sign?

Dear Minister Plibersek,

The only way to end the ‘water wars’ and ensure the health of the Murray-Darling Basin is to return the water that is needed for the whole system to stay alive.

As Water Minister, you have the power to start returning water to the system through water buybacks.

I call on you to ensure the full 450GL of environmental water promised to South Australia to keep the River alive is delivered in full and on time by reinstating water buybacks immediately.

The Murray-Darling Basin faces unprecedented environmental collapse. We must act now.

Yours sincerely

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