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It is time to end extinction in Australia

Right now, we are facing an extinction crisis in Australia. Centuries of the destruction of habitat combined with escalating impacts of climate change, bushfires and deforestation are pushing endangered wildlife to the brink.

Australia already has the worst track record for mammal extinction in the world. Since colonisation, more than 30 mammal species have gone extinct in Australia. That’s the same number of mammal species that were lost in the rest of the world combined.

While the US and the UK are stepping up as global leaders on climate change and environmental protection, Australia continues to lag behind. It’s time for the Government to step up and adopt a zero extinction target.

Who's signing
Roy J. Bailey
Millie Tizzard
Tania Dean
Jade Phoenix
Sue Schümmer
Sara Graziosa
Elizabeth Story
Raleigh Koritz
Freya Harris
Heidi Siebens
Pam McDonald
Leigh Saunders
Bernadette Duffy
Lisa Kovacs
Elisabeth Bechmann
Frédéric Jaubert
Maryann Staron
Pierre Zembla
Kate Kenner
Wendy Forster
Caroline Sévilla
David Bacon
Wendy Davies
Adrian McLEAN
Anna Russell
Hester Sciagura
Denise Keniry
M Willcox
Trish St clair
Helen Smith

Will you sign?

Prime Minister,

Unless we act now, we will continue to lose precious wildlife. Your own environment department warns that more than 1,700 species and ecological communities are known to be threatened and at risk of extinction.

In order to stop the extinction crisis in Australia, we need to:

🐨 Adopt a target of zero extinction of species

🐨 Sign on to the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature

🐨 Commit to stronger environmental laws with an independent watchdog

🐨 Stop clearing koala and critically endangered species habitats.

Extinction means gone forever but it’s not too late to protect some of our most precious species and commit to a zero extinction target. Please step up and commit to #ZeroExtinction 

Yours Sincerely,

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