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Art Matters

The Morrison Government responded woefully to the needs of arts and entertainment workers during the pandemic - consistently failing to deliver the support required to keep the industry afloat.

We have a new opportunity to work with the Labor Government to invest in our culture, stories, arts and live music with long term funding arrangements, to create secure well paid jobs.

Help us push Labor to invest in the creation of Australian stories for local audiences so we all get the chance to see ourselves reflected on our screens, stages and in our galleries.

Telling stories enriches our lives with meaning, and it’s critical we invest in the people to deliver it.

Sign our petition today to help tell our stories.

Who's signing
Lisa Kovacs
Lynella Brownjohn
Alise Hardy
Elizabeth Nurthen
Bernadette Woods
Karl Sagrabb
Anne Patterson
Tim Hunter
Amy Croft
Sean Dennis
Bridgette Kucher
Charlotte Munro
Bruce Middleton
Jennifer Tranter
Ben Crosby
Pam Crook
Alyce Johnson
Melinda Schawel
Victor Hoisington
Mars Drum
John Benz
Jasmine Ofaolain
Rebecca Young
Frank and Meg McKone
Kyle Opie
Katrina House
Nigel Plunkett
Karen Hethey
Felicia Lannan
Mike Bavistock

Will you sign?

The Australian Arts and Entertainment Industry has been brought to its knees by the pandemic and natural disasters. We need to invest in our art, stories and music. It’s who we are. Sign to support the arts 💚👇

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