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It deserves World Heritage Protection

he Bight deserves World Heritage Protection

The Great Australian Bight is a unique, natural wonder that should be celebrated. It’s one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, home to threatened marine mammals that must be protected.

We must ensure it is not put at risk again by any Government greenlighting new gas and oil developments.

In 2019, our Fight For the Bight community stood up to big oil and told them they were not welcome. We won that battle, but now it’s time to win the war.

Our Bight can be protected from all offshore drilling for good. South Australians are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, and opening a new oil field would only make that worse.

No longer should our coastal communities live with uncertainty, or have any risk of oil muck washing up on their pristine beaches. Any suggestions that our coastline, marine life and fishing and tourism industries should be put at risk for the profits of big oil will be met with strong opposition.

Show your support by joining the campaign and calling on the Federal Government to protect our marine life, our tourism and fishing industries, and our beautiful coastline on the Great Australian Bight.

We need as many voices as possible calling on the Federal Government to act. Nominating the Bight for the United Nations World Heritage protection list is a long journey - so we must start today.

Who's signing
Andrea May
Rebecca Driver
Peter Kurz
Angela Cranson
Rasoul Al-Hassani
Merran Furness
Jennifer Van Rooyen
Rachelle Glendon
Suzie Ahern
Sarah Sullivan
Kath Kelly
Janet Laurence
Julia Sideris
Kara Fisher
Jack Scanlan
Matt Potter
Chris Cashel
Benjamin Walton
Lisa Kovacs
Anton Scholte
Darren Mitton
Helen Ryan
Katherine Milligan
Jan Loeliger
Jennie Minifie
Jacqui Salter
Linda Castle
Leonie Stephens
Ben Chambers
Marolyn Hamilton

Will you sign?

Dear Prime Minister


The Great Australian Bight is home to some of our most unique marine and bird life on the planet, an important nursery to Southern Right Whales and is sacred to the whale dreamers, the Mirning Traditional Owners. Kangaroo Island is the jewel in South Australia’s tourism crown. 

As the decision makers of today, I call on you to protect our marine life, our tourism and fishing industries, and our beautiful coastline in the Great Australian Bight by banning deep sea drilling for oil and gas and supporting the nomination of the Great Australian Bight for the United Nations World Heritage List. 

Yours sincerely

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