Save our Koalas

We need a moratorium on koala habitat clearing to protect our national treasure

Bushfires, land clearing and habitat loss have pushed our national treasure, the koala, closer and closer to extinction.

Yet the Federal Government continues to give approvals for mining and development projects that will destroy more land that koalas call home.

No approvals for developments on koala land should be given. We need a moratorium on habitat clearing or the koalas will soon be extinct.

Dear Members of Parliament,

Koalas will soon be extinct unless habitat clearing is stopped.

This year’s bushfires killed a third of koalas in NSW and destroyed millions of hectares of habitat across the country, yet approvals continue to be given for mining and development projects that clear more land the koala calls home.

I call on you to support an immediate moratorium on koala habitat clearing to save the koala.

Yours sincerely

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