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We must stop koala habitat clearing to protect our national treasure

Bushfires, land clearing and habitat loss have pushed our national treasure, the koala, closer and closer to extinction.

Yet the Federal Government continues to give approvals for mining and development projects that will destroy more land that koalas call home.

No approvals for developments on koala land should be given. We must stop clearing their habitats now or the koalas will soon be extinct.

Who's signing
Andrea May
Beverley Crossley
Bernice Ravina
Nina Rose
Dornisa Akhlaqi
Karen Beliveau
Helen Fox
Dagmar Feldmann
Abdul Khalid Yousufzay
Georga Elix-Haddy
Jade Phoenix
Bob McHugh
Mohammad Wali
Joe Phillips
Peter Kurz
Diana Pryde
Lauren Sutherland
Mohammad nasim Zazai
Scanlan Melissa
Leigh Williams
Md Ferdauce Sorder
Doro Babeck
Abdul manaf Manaf
Habib Ghulam Tahir
Andrew Berce
Charlie Leroux-Gardiner
Tim Wessling
Pam McDonald
Isobel Bothwell
Mohammad saeed Sharifi

Will you sign?

Dear Members of Parliament,

Koalas will soon be extinct unless habitat clearing is stopped.

Our recent bushfires killed a third of koalas in NSW and destroyed millions of hectares of habitat across the country, yet approvals continue to be given for mining and development projects that clear more land the koala calls home.

I call on you to support an immediate moratorium on koala habitat clearing to save the koala.

Yours sincerely

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