Save our ABC

Save our ABC petition

To all members and Senators of Parliament

I have added my name to this petition because I value the ABC too highly to sit back and do nothing while our national broadcaster is under assault.

The ABC is one of the most trusted institutions in the country.

I let my children use the ABC Kids app because I trust it. I read, watch and listen to the ABC News because I trust it. I tune in to the ABC in times of natural disaster because I trust it.

We need it more than ever.

I call on you to oppose any cuts to the ABC’s funding.
I call on you to oppose any changes to the ABC’s charter.
I call on you to oppose any attack on the ABC’s independence.

Long after you’ve left the Parliament, I want the ABC to still be there.

I am calling on you to make sure of it.

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Peter Conlon
Mic Hawk
robert briggs
Jan Brahe
Margaret Rowley
James Ingram
James Mulcare
Paul Underwood
Laura Murray
Yvonne Fast
Anthony Shadie
Elizabeth Byrne
Dianne Schahinger
Deborah Berwick
Alicia Walker
Liz Hamilton
Susan Edwards
Elizabeth Auriac
Natalie King
Ruth Lesslie
Rachael Clifford
Warren Birkinshaw
Lorena Cavalcante
Marie-Anne Phillips
Violet Michelle van Berkel
Stephen Keeling
michael saunders
Wayne Hammat
Peter Pyc
Madeleine van Adrighem
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