Save our ABC

The ABC is under the biggest attack in its history.

 Since 2014,  over $700 million has been cut from the ABC by the Coalition Government.

The ABC provides a vital service across the country, it is where we turn when there is a disaster, emergency or bushfire.

To do its job as the public expects, to continue producing the new Australians trust and the stories we love, the ABC must be well-funded.

The ABC needs allies, now more than ever.

To all members and Senators of Parliament

I have added my name to this petition because I value the ABC too highly to sit back and do nothing while our national broadcaster is under assault.

The ABC is one of the most trusted institutions in the country.

I let my children use the ABC Kids app because I trust it. I read, watch and listen to the ABC News because I trust it. I tune in to the ABC in times of natural disaster because I trust it.

We need it more than ever.

I call on you to oppose any cuts to the ABC’s funding.
I call on you to oppose any changes to the ABC’s charter.
I call on you to oppose any attack on the ABC’s independence.

Long after you’ve left the Parliament, I want the ABC to still be there.

I am calling on you to make sure of it.

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Anne Youll
Leahy Brian
Susan Overheu
Bradley Exton
Judith Cluley
Josianne Fahey
Bruce Meadowcroft
James McFarlane
Amanda Howell
Maryanne McKay
David Wheeler
John Lynes
McEwan Karen
Bernadette McPhee
Suzanne Van Gestel
Leonie Walker
rparkinsonscott Raylene Scott
Kat Rennick
Maerey Hagberg
Luanne Swart
Helen  james Atcheson
Maura Green
david patterson
Laurence McGregor
Helen Callaghan
Craig Finnigan
Jo Morrissey
Heather Miers
Grigonis Dana
Luci White
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