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Senate Inquiry into Media Diversity

Australia has one of the most concentrated news media markets in the world with the Murdoch controlled News Corporation owning more than two thirds of all news outlets. The US election has highlighted the need for truth in journalism and the need to call out unsubstantiated and false claims.

Before we head into another election period in Australia, we can now take a proper look at the state of media diversity here and help protect a pillar of our democracy.

Who's signing
Bernadette Duffy
Lisa Kovacs
Anton Scholte
Glenn Russell
Neil Spark
Rita Barbaro
Adrian McLEAN
Richard Webb
M Willcox
Trish St clair
Aonghas O’Beirne
Julia Sideris
Christine Byrnes
Harry Cossar-Gilbert

Will you sign?

To protect our democracy we need greater diversity of media ownership in Australia. The Senate inquiry into media diversity is analysing the impact that such a concentrated media has on our democracy and the public’s ability to access independent and reliable sources of news.

Recently, half a million Australians signed a record-breaking petition calling for a Royal Commission into media diversity. The massive support for this petition showed just how concerned the Australia public is about the influence that media concentration has in our democracy.

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