What are our favourite Australian Films and Shows?

In these unprecedented times when we are staying home to save lives - One thing we can do is call for better Australian content on our streaming services. 

Last week, I asked people on my Facebook Page - 'What their favourite Australian film and show was? The response was amazing - way too many to list. So instead we have collated the responses through this word cloud.

Can you spot your favourite Aussie film?


Do you realise that the Australian screen industry is in the fight of its life?

We need Australian stories told on Australian screens by us, to us, about us. Performers, producers, writers, directors and crew have joined forces to campaign for the future of the screen industry. 




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En Garde by Sarah Hanson-Young

'A riveting insider's view of bullying and sexism in federal parliament.' GILLIAN TRIGGS

Watch Sarah Hanson-Young, author of En Garde, in conversation with Louise Adler.

Order your copy of En Garde: https://bit.ly/EnGarde_Dymocks

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Support SA's food and hospitality industry

*Update* As of March 23, the government has ordered Australia’s restaurants and cafes to halt dine-in trade and move to takeways or pickups only. We'll endevour to keep this list as relevent as possible in the coming weeks.

Local Businesses are adjusting their businesses in light of social distancing and self-isolating is becoming common practice. 

It is important that we support our local businesses, particularly our favourite restaurants and cafes during COVID-19. 

If you know of any local South Australian restaurant or cafe who are implementing a pick up/drop off service, send my office the details and we will share!

Email - [email protected] 

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These are uncertain times. Please look after yourselves and those around you.

These are extraordinary times. COVID-19 is not just a health crisis, but also an economic and social and community crisis. This is like nothing else we have experienced before.  

Schools are being closed. Pubs, restaurants and cafes are closing their doors for the foreseeable future. This week alone thousands of people will lose their jobs and thousands, likely millions, more will lose theirs in the coming weeks and months. We have seen the lines at Centrelink already and they will no doubt continue to grow.

We are all in this together, but many will feel the brunt of the impact of COVID-19 harder than others. For these people we must all do our part to ensure no one is left behind.


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Condolence motion - bushfires

Make no mistake, the fires we've experienced this summer are climate fires. Politicians must start listening to what mother nature is telling us, what the community is pleading for. We must stop the expansion of fossil fuels, restore our environment and protect our animals or this environmental and climate crisis will only get worse.

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Wildlife and water dominate this week

Today I have announced that as Chair of the Senate's Environment Committee I will move for the Faunal Extinction Inquiry to examine the impact of the catastrophic fires across the country on endangered wildlife and flora.

The already-established Inquiry gives the Parliament an opportunity to immediately get on with what needs to be done to protect our native fauna and flora in the wake of the fires.

Before the fires started, Australia already had one of the worst extinction rates in the world. Now more than a billion animals have been killed by fires across the country and thousands of hectares of habitat destroyed and we are only half way through summer - we don’t have time to waste.


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The time for debate is over

Last week I was on Kangaroo Island. The fire-ravaged landscape looks like a warzone. Homes destroyed, lives torn apart, forest decimated and dead animals everywhere. Climate fires have been burning across the country since September, and the new year has only brought more horror, and there's still two months of summer to go. 

The time for debate is over – we need a climate and environment policy that is fit for the crisis we’re in.

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Help support SA - fire appeal

If you'd like to help out South Australia during this fire crisis, whether it is a cash donation, buying a bottle of wine or volunteering your time, here are some ways you can contribute. 

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