Big Oil not welcome in SA

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Newsletter - August 2019

Debate on the Great Australian Bight Protection Bill begins

Today the Senate has began debating a Greens Bill to stop drilling in the Great Australian Bight and move for World Heritage Listing.

The power to stop Big Oil is in the hands of politicians in Canberra. Australian’s don’t want drilling in the Great Australian Bight. The Parliament must act.

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Senate says NO to nuclear power

Today the Senate passed my motion which reaffirms its support for a ban on the development of nuclear power.

Nuclear power is incredibly expensive, water intensive and high risk, with a waste legacy that remains unsolved.

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Greens introduce Bill to protect the Bight

Today, The Greens introduced the Great Australian Bight Environment Protection Bill. This Bill would stop drilling in the Great Australian Bight and move for World Heritage Listing.

It is high time the Great Australian Bight was protected from drilling, and It is the role of the Parliament to listen to the will of the people, and the people have made their view crystal clear.


Read the details of The Great Australian Bight Protection Bill. 

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Senator Statement - We can solve the extinction and climate crises

Australians love the great outdoors, from our beaches to our forests, rivers and wide open plains. We have some of the most unique flora and fauna on the planet. In Australia, nearly 50 percent of our birds, 87 percent of our mammals, and 93 percent of our flowering plants are unique to us. But much of it is under threat. 

Climate breakdown, land clearing, and invasive species are wreaking havoc on our natural environment. We're ranked fourth in the world for plant and animal extinctions. As well as holding the terrible record of being the only developed country listed as a deforestation hot spot. We have 517 animals, 1,373 plants and 85 distinct ecological communities listed as nationally threatened or extinct, and these numbers are trending in the wrong direction. 

Globally the UN tells us there are a million species under threat of extinction.

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Press freedom

Today the Senate voted for an inquiry into press freedom and whistle-blower protection showing that there are some in our Parliament who care about a frank and fearless media.

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Murray-Darling in the spotlight as Parliament debates Royal Commission

Today the Senate finally began the debate on a full and frank inquiry into the mismanagement of the Murray-Darling Basin

Our Rivers continue to languish under a poorly implemented Plan. It is up to the Parliament to resolve these issues and get the Murray-Darling Basin back on track. I urge the Labor Party to support a Royal Commission and not let the Coalition Government and Barnaby Joyce off the hook

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