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Our Environment is Under Attack

Our natural environment is in crisis - logging, mining and climate change are polluting our environment and pushing our native animals to extinction.

But it’s about to get even worse. Right now the Morrison Government is trying to push through new laws that will make it easier for mining companies and big developers to get approval for projects that will damage our environment even more. The government is slashing environment protections so big corporations can make more profits.

Laws with weak protections and no independent watchdog will leave our environment vulnerable to destruction - koalas will be driven to extinction, our forests destroyed, and our oceans polluted.

We cannot let them get away with it. This Government cannot be trusted with protecting our environment.

This week I have tried three times to send the bill to change environment laws to a Senate Inquiry but the government refused to allow it.

It is the job of the Senate to scrutinise the government's proposed laws, and in this case, it is a vital part of ensuring they dont get away with trashing our environment and killing more wildlife. What is the government trying to hide?

The bill is now before the Lower House, and is set to come before the Senate in the October Sitting period. During the break, we have to keep up the pressure on the Cross Bench.

We need better and stronger protections, not less. 

Our Environment Needs:

  • 🐨 Strong national standards that protect our environment and endangered animals; 
  • 🐨 An independent environment watchdog that holds companies and government to account; and 
  • 🐨 Large-scale projects to be assessed for their impact on our climate

Join the fight and help stop the Morrison Government slashing environment protections so big corporations can make more profits.

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