Protect our rights to choose

The Prime Minister is coming for your freedoms.

He wants to outlaw environmental boycott campaigns and crackdown on peaceful protest, taking away your democratic right to decide what campaigns you support and where you want to spend your money. Take action now to protect our freedoms. 

You should have the right to be able to choose to back the palm-oil free campaign run by Australian zoos, boycott banks that fund fossil fuel projects, or support businesses that have pledged to only purchase ethical paper to save our forests. 

In Scott Morrison’s dictatorship, campaigns that have pushed companies into making better choices for our environment won’t be possible. 


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We need people power to help save our environment

Did you know that the Australian koala is facing extinction? Or that some of our most precious natural areas are under threat from land clearing, development, and even mining? Globally we are facing not just a climate emergency, but also an extinction crisis. Loss of habitat, plants and animals is already starting to have an impact on ecosystems and food production. 

Australia’s environment laws are not strong enough to protect our beautiful places and unique Australian animals. We need the laws fixed and we need a cop on-the-beat, an environment protection watchdog to enforce them. 

Today, the Morrison government announced a review of the country’s environmental regulations. But already it seems the Government intends to cut protections for the environment, rather than putting in place strong laws to save our natural places and native animals. 


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Right to know

Today’s landmark campaign by media outlets, which has seen all major mastheads across the country redact their front pages, is a welcome offensive against the erosion of media freedom and whistleblower protections.

Sign the petition today to call on the government to protect your democratic right to know.  

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Climate Change. Coal. Corporate Greed.

This week we saw another mass fish kill in the Murray-Darling on the Morrison Government’s watch. This is our river system in environmental collapse. Cotton, corporate greed and climate change are killing the River and all the Minister can say is ‘pray for rain’.

The Federal Government’s response is to back the NSW Government’s plan to fast-track the building of dams by watering down environmental rules. All evidence shows spending more public money on these dams will only deliver more water for big corporate irrigators. Building dams will not make it rain.

The Senate this week passed a Greens’ motion calling on the Federal Government to rule out giving any public funding to dam and water infrastructure projects that circumvent environmental assessment and don’t abide by proper environmental protections. 

The government also doesn't get the fundamental link between climate change and drought. This was made clear during question time when I asked Senator Bridget McKenzie, Minister for Agriculture, whether she accepts the science and acknowledges the link between climate change and drought. Having a drought plan without a plan to address climate change is no plan at all.

Legislation tabled in the NSW Parliament on Wednesday effectively tears up the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, leaving the environment and downstream communities high and dry. I’ve written to Basin State Water Ministers urging them to convene a COAG (Council of Australian Governments) meeting to deal with this threat to the Plan by NSW. The NSW Government cannot be allowed to get away with this short-sighted response to the drought crisis that will further jeopardise the health of the River and all those who rely upon it.

When it comes to the drought and saving our Murray River, the Feds’ plan is as good as shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. I’ll be raising this in Senate Estimates next week, and making sure corporate greed doesn’t win out over SA’s and the River’s best interests. 

When will the Morrison government tackle the drought and fix the Murray-Darling Basin?

The Murray-Darling Basin is in crisis. The environment is in collapse. Communities are on the brink of having no clean drinking water. Family farms have their backs against the wall. And the water minister says he doesn't even believe in climate change. He says he can't do anything except pray for rain. When will the Morrison government get its head out of the sand on climate change and come to tackle the drought and fix the Murray-Darling Basin, rather than just praying for rain and giving communities your hopes and prayers?

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The Federal Government has put up white flag on Murray-Darling crisis

The Coalition has had six years in government and instead of implementing the Murray Darling Basin Plan to ensure it’s managed in the worst times, it’s completely messed it up. The Water Minister claims he can’t make it rain therefore he can’t do anything to help. The Environment Minister says she can’t do anything to look after the environment. This is a total cop-out!

Our river is in crisis, small family farms are suffering and a growing number of River communities don’t even have clean water to drink. There is plenty the Minsters can do, and they must act now. Failing to crack down on those exploiting the water market or harvesting flood-plain water upstream will make the crisis facing the River and farmers worse.

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South Australians are 'very concerned' about climate change

I’m not surprised that eight in ten Australians (81%) are concerned about climate change resulting in more droughts and flooding, as discovered in the annual ‘Climate of the Nation’ benchmark report which was released today by The Australia Institute. 

The report has tracked Australian attitudes on climate change for over a decade and found that South Australians are more concerned about climate change than the national average, particularly in relation to water shortages, extreme weather and poor crop production.


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Demand Action this Threatened Species Day!

National Threatened Species Day - is a day to raise awareness and demand action for plants and animals at risk of extinction before it's too late. 

Australia has one of the worst extinction rates in the world - Over the last 200 years, more than 100 animal and plant species have become extinct. It is a national disgrace. 

Our native species are up against it all - climate change, an extinction crisis and ignorant governments.  


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