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Barnaby Joyce and the Nats have launched an assault on our River Murray

After years of mismanagement, water theft and corruption, the Liberal and National parties are trying to blame South Australia for the Murray-Darling River being in crisis.

Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals want to cut South Australia off from the River, and cut water to the environment that is critical in keeping the lifeblood of our nation healthy --- all while their corporate irrigator mates continue with business as usual.

Every single South Australian should be furious! I am not going to sit by and let Barnaby Joyce, and the National Party, sacrifice us for their big corporate mates upstream.

We know that big corporate irrigators upstream have gamed the system and continue to make record profits, while downstream river communities are suffering, and the environment is being left high and dry.

This summer is going to be really tough. There is going to be less water in the system and it should be the big corporate irrigators, the political donors to the National Party, who feel the heat. It shouldn’t be at the expense of environmental flows or South Australia.

We need a Murray-Darling Basin Plan that is independent of politics, fair, based on science and takes into account climate change. 

Call your local MP and help me stand up for our River tell them this assault from the Nats is not on.

More than 1.2 million South Aussies rely on the Murray. It is our drinking water and our environment at stake. The SA Liberal Government must stand up to their Coalition mates upstream.

The National Party cannot be trusted to manage the Murray-Darling Basin. Barnaby Joyce never wanted SA to have a stake in a national plan and now they are trying to cut SA off from the river and cut water from the environment. This would be a disaster - take action and call your local MP.

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