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Reverse cruel uni fee hikes

Everyone should have access to a world-class education without going into enormous debt. But the Morrison Government’s cruel uni fee hikes are going to leave students and young people with enormous debt, especially if they pursue an arts or humanities degree.

In the middle of a recession with high youth unemployment and no jobs, the government should be encouraging more people to go to university, not less.

Will you sign?

I am deeply concerned that the Morrison Government’s university reforms will have a negative impact on South Australia’s young people, research capacity and job creation in our state and will see students forced into decades of debt for getting their education.

Cutting funding from our universities, while driving up the cost of degree fees for students is a regressive, unfair and stupid idea. This government’s priorities are all wrong. 

It’s time this government lay off of our universities, students and the higher education sector.

Please reverse these harsh university cuts and hiked student fees.


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