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Our creative industry is a crucial part of the stimulus the economy will need once things start opening up again after COVID-19. This will only be possible if enough funding is on the table to help artists and creatives survive now to plan and prepare for the future. 

The Government can support our local arts and cultural organisations by giving a much-needed funding lifeline. This is possible by redirecting the half a billion committed for Captain Cook celebrations and War Memorial to out-of-work artists.

Call on the Government to redirect the funds immediately. Investing in the survival of our arts and cultural organisations is vital.

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Dear Prime Minister, 

In these times of crisis, you must reassess priorities. 

The $500m expansion of the War Memorial and $50m to celebrate Captain Cook’s voyage, are clearly not priorities at this time and should be put on hold.

Additionally I call on you to redirect the $48m previously budgeted for the commemoration of Captain Cook to the Australia Council to help support small and median arts organisations who are struggling to survive in the midst of COVID-19.

The money should be redirected to community arts and cultural projects that will help employ artists, support communities and help the economy recover. 

The survival of our arts and cultural organisations is vital to ensure Australia’s recovery after COVID-19, and more must be done to support the Arts and Creative Industry. 


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