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Please sign the petition below, calling on the Communications Minister to save Australian children’s television.

To the Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher,

Children’s television has played a crucial role in our country’s media landscape, and in the development of young Australians, for generations.

The children’s television industry needs your support if it’s going to survive in the modern, competitive media landscape. New players like Netflix and Stan have changed the way all of us, including young people, consume media and they can't be allowed to leave children’s TV behind.

At this time, it’s also disappointing to see the major Australian television channels try to get out of their obligations to make high-quality children’s programs simply because they can’t compete for ratings with the likes of MasterChef and Married at First Sight.

From Bananas in Pyjamas to the legendary Round the Twist, high quality Australian made children’s television has always played an important role in shaping young hearts and minds in this country.

Minister, please don’t let Australian children’s television die.

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