I want to see a healthy flowing river

The troubles surrounding the Murray Darling Basin Plan are reaching fever pitch.

The Murray is more than an SA icon. As part of the Murray Darling Basin it is our nation’s lifeblood. It keeps food on our tables, supports three million people, businesses and communities and sustains our natural environment.

It’s only by maintaining a sustainable balance between industrial use and environmental flows that we can make sure SA gets the water it needs.

It can’t do all of these things if its river beds are left to scorch and dry.

The Greens won’t stop fighting for the Murray Darling Basin, and won’t compromise on water all states agreed to secure for the environment in 2012. The water wars may be back, but The Greens around the country will always stand firm to protect the river.

Can we count on your support?

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I pledge my support for a healthy Murray River