End the global trade of wildlife

The commercial trade and sale in markets of wild animals must be BANNED. It is time for all governments to work together to end the global trade of wildlife!

Wildlife trade impacts biodiversity, can cause diseases to be transferred between other wildlife species putting them at risk, drives poaching and trafficking and ultimately fuels the extinction crisis around the world.

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Dear Prime Minister

Cc - Minister for Trade

Re: Australia must call for an end to the global trade of wildlife.

The commercial trade and sale of wildlife for consumption and other purposes is of global concern. The science is well established on the link between wildlife consumption and the transfer of zoonotic diseases to humans.

I call on the Australian Government to work with other countries around the world to end the global trade of wildlife. 

Australia must commit to looking at wildlife trade in our own backyard. The Federal Government needs to close the loopholes in our laws that allow our rare and endangered native animals to be traded for profit and ensure they are protected here where they belong.

Ending the trade of wildlife would not only help keep the global community safe from future pandemics but also help protect the world’s precious wildlife for future generations.


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