Defeat the TPP

Tell Labor: don't sell out Australian workers!

The Labor and Liberal parties have joined together to sell out Australian workers by supporting the TPP.

Bill Shorten’s Labor party is trying to ram through one of the most shocking trade agreements in a generation. We must defend workers rights across Australia by taking action now to stop Labor and the Government selling us out.

The only winners out of all of this are the giant corporations looking to exploit workers for their own super-profit.

Under the TPP: 

  • Australia will lose 39,000 jobs in the first decade
  • Workers’ wages will be $17.9 billion worse off in 2025
  • Billions will be ripped out of Australia’s manufacturing industry 
  • Farmers will be $1 billion worse off by 2030, with exports set to decline
  • Corporations can sue the Australian government for policy that hurts their profit. For example, if the government rejects a massive coal mine or raises the minimum wage. 

Shorten says he’ll review the TPP if he’s elected. But by then it will be too late to renegotiate an international trade agreement. 

Labor must stand against this, right now. Help us send a clear message to Bill Shorten that we won’t stand by while he sells out workers, talks a big game about Labor’s values and then votes with the conservatives in Canberra.

It’s not too late. We can stop the TPP right now if we convince Labor to vote against it in the Senate. But the clock is ticking on the TPP. Sign the petition to add your voice.

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