Let's Re-Create Australia

The Arts and Entertainment Industry was one of the first to be hit by social distancing restrictions, it has suffered enormously throughout the lockdown and will be one of the last to recover.

Yet the Treasurer only uttered the word 'art' ONCE in the 2021 Budget. Clearly, the $112bn a year arts and entertainment industry does not matter to the Morrison Government.

The arts and entertainment industry is vital to our economic recovery. Not only are other industries like tourism, hospitality and accommodation all going to benefit from its revival, but the sector is primed for stimulus. The industry can go in early and hard and put money into the pockets of workers who are in great need of an income and are going to spend what they earn.

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Dear Prime Minister and Minister of the Arts 

The Arts and Entertainment Industry has been devastated as a result of COVID-19 and needs a helping hand.

I implore the Government to support The Greens plan to Re-Create Australia's by:

  • Creating Australia's Future - A¬†$300 million program that would see an Artist in Residence in every school and library across the country.
  • Billion Stories Fund - an Australian content fund that will help kick start Australia‚Äôs screen industry and tells Australian stories.
  • Australia Live - A¬†$1 billion¬†grants fund to inject money into Australia‚Äôs festival, music and live performance sector.¬†

The arts and entertainment industry has always been there for the Australian community during times of crisis. They’ve stepped up to keep creating and connecting with our community.

It is time that we gave back and supported the industry that gives so much to our social fabric and cultural identity. 

Yours sincerely

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