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Together we won, together we will fight.

After a long-fought campaign, the weekend’s results in South Australia delivered us strong swings across the state. Thanks to your support, we have doubled our vote and given a strong voice for climate action and protecting the Great Australian Bight. 

Thank you for supporting our campaign. Thousands of people volunteered their time, and donated their energy and support. It’s thanks to you we made it! 

This was a vote for our children’s future. I am incredibly proud of the strong support for climate action across South Australia. These swings make SA the most progressive state in the nation.

I know, however, that we have so much work to do. With a conservative government back in office, our fight for a safe and healthy planet is more important than ever.

We need a rebellion to save the future of the planet and secure the future for our children. There is no time to lose. We must regroup, and work together to make the change needed, before it’s too late.

The support I have received makes me more energised and determined than ever. I can’t wait to get back to Canberra to protect the Bight from big oil, fight for the survival of our Murray Darling and for real climate action. 

I’m feeling stronger than ever and with your continued support we will fight for the survival of our environment and the future of our kids. 

Thank you for having my back,



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