Stop ocean plastic

Ban single-use plastic

Our oceans are under threat.

From overfishing to warming, sea level rise and pollution - our oceans are in grave danger.

Eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans each year. 95% of plastics are discarded after a single use and 85% of Australian seabirds affected by plastic pollution it’s clear there is a problem.

That’s why the Greens will introduce new laws to ban single-use plastics, clean up our oceans and keep our beaches beautiful.

Help save our oceans by joining the photo petition today.

Together we can🌊 stop ocean plastic 🙌’

Join the photo petition for #WorldOceansDay.

What to do

  • Take a photo of yourself or a group of people with your arms in the air.
  • Crop the photo so your hands touch the upper corners of the photo frame
  • upload your photo here 

  • Share your photo on social media and use the hashtag #TogetherWeCan🌊 

*By joining the photo campaign, you support the introduction of new laws to ban single-use plastics, clean up our oceans and keep our beaches beautiful. 

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