solar thermal plant should be publicly-owned

Our renewable future is on the line

Port Augusta’s world-leading solar thermal power plant is about to fall over at the last funding hurdle. Sign on to ask Prime Minister Morrison and Premier Marshall to keep the plant alive, and keep it in public hands.

Dear Prime Minister Morrison and Premier Marshall,

Port Augusta's solar thermal plant is on the skids because of a funding shortfall. We cannot allow this to happen. South Australian’s have fought hard to be world-leaders in renewable energy.

This plant spells lower power prices, jobs, innovation and lower emissions. It just makes sense.

I'm signing on to ask you to work together to come up with the funding to give this plant the green light and stay in public hands.

Back South Australia, back a renewable future.

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Cecilia Gould
Frank Cotterill
Helen Dawson
Marie Wilson
Michael Slattery
Dianne Schahinger
Angela Usher
J. Seiders
Annabel Smith
Colleen Adriaanse
Scott Andrews
Claudine Harrington
Sean Poyser
Tonia Bellifemini
Brian Clymo
David Mackay
Jamnes Danenberg
Helen Gibbons
Di McCarthy
Peter Cranwell
Brian Coff
Andrew Kelly
Connie Musolino
Jon Othitis
John L Hayes
Pauline Mclean
Philip Hansbro
Stewart Blake
Zoe Finn
Anton Scholte
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