solar thermal plant should be publicly-owned

Our renewable future is on the line

Port Augusta’s world-leading solar thermal power plant is about to fall over at the last funding hurdle. Sign on to ask Prime Minister Morrison and Premier Marshall to keep the plant alive, and keep it in public hands.

Dear Prime Minister Morrison and Premier Marshall,

Port Augusta's solar thermal plant is on the skids because of a funding shortfall. We cannot allow this to happen. South Australian’s have fought hard to be world-leaders in renewable energy.

This plant spells lower power prices, jobs, innovation and lower emissions. It just makes sense.

I'm signing on to ask you to work together to come up with the funding to give this plant the green light and stay in public hands.

Back South Australia, back a renewable future.

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Sue Dickinson
Kath Chapman
Adeel Ahmad
Cameron Street
Janet Lieber
Ian Winterflood
Abdul ahad khilwati
Denise Duivenvoorden
Lisa Birch
Peter Hill
Iona Mackenzie
kerri lynch
Isabel Noakes
Jane Maynard
Osman Erdem
bob webster
Nicole Watson
Imam Hossain
Joshua Nirens
Julia Burns
Peter Hunt
Lathalia Song
Mal Anderson
kevin ball
Mohammed Rizwan
Ahmed Meftah
Robyn Waite
Lucy Rose
David Langford
Mohammad Haroon Hejran
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