Quality Childcare

The best start for all children

The Greens are committed to ensuring all Australian children have access to high quality, flexible and affordable early education and care.

We know that urgent investment in the childcare sector is needed to ensure that all children get the best possible start to life.

We are working hard to find solutions to the high fees, long waiting lists and diminishing workforce, so that parents are confident that their child is receiving the best quality care and centres across the country are supported to meet the new quality standards.

The Greens support reforms to ease the burden on families when it comes to fees and availability. We also believe all early education teachers and educators should receive a wage which reflects the importance of their teaching, caring and educating role.  

We know the first five years of a child’s life greatly impacts their health, well-being and resilience for the rest of their lives. How can we afford not to invest in our youngest citizens?

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