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Protecting South Australia's Precious Environment

I'm fighting for South Australia because I want our state to be the best it can possibly be.

The Greens are working hard to make sure that we’re investing in the jobs of tomorrow, today. We want to see engineers, tradies and more working on the renewable energy projects that will power our state well into the future. We understand that protecting the environment is key to saving South Australia’s natural wonders, like Kangaroo Island, and the tourism industry that comes with them.

The Greens are fighting to protect the Flinders Ranges from nuclear waste and to prevent companies from drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight. We stand up for the Mighty Murray River and the communities that rely on it to survive.

Climate change looms as the biggest driver of inequality of the next generation. The most disadvantaged in our community will suffer first and most. It is up to The Greens to make sure no-one is left behind as we transition to a cleaner and safer world. Our economy must deliver for both people and planet.