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Protect our rights to choose

The Prime Minister is coming for your freedoms.

He wants to outlaw environmental boycott campaigns and crackdown on peaceful protest, taking away your democratic right to decide what campaigns you support and where you want to spend your money. Take action now to protect our freedoms. 

You should have the right to be able to choose to back the palm-oil free campaign run by Australian zoos, boycott banks that fund fossil fuel projects, or support businesses that have pledged to only purchase ethical paper to save our forests. 

In Scott Morrison’s dictatorship, campaigns that have pushed companies into making better choices for our environment won’t be possible. 


This Government is undermining our freedom of choice. The Prime Minister is backing the rights of big polluters to bank profits over the rights of everyday Australians to choose to support and fund products and services that are good, not bad, for the environment. 

The truth is the Prime Minister is scared. He knows people power can win and that’s a threat to his government and their corporate mates that are propelling us towards climate disaster. 

Australians care about protecting the environment and taking action on the climate crisis. This attack by the Morrison Government is on every Australian and our rights to choose freely who, what and which products, services and companies we support and fund. 

The Greens won’t stand for it and will fight to protect your freedoms. Will you back our fight? Join the campaign now. 

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