Stop the extinction crisis

Save our natural places and native animals.

Did you know that the Australian koala is facing extinction?

Or that some of our most precious natural areas are under threat from land clearing, development and even mining?

Globally we are facing not just a climate emergency, but also an extinction crisis. Loss of habitat, plants and animals is already starting to have an impact on ecosystems and food production. 

Australia’s environment laws are not strong enough to protect our beautiful places and unique Australian animals.

It is time the laws are fixed.

Attention Prime Minister,

Our environment is in crisis and needs proper protection. It is your responsibility to protect nature and save our wildlife. 

I support stronger Environment laws and an independent Environmental Protection Authority that has teeth. An environment protection watchdog that is empowered to stand up for saving our natural places.

If we don’t stop the extinction crisis now, our beloved koala and many other special species will be lost, forever.

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