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FIRE CRISIS: Tell the Government Australia needs a Fighting Fund for our Environment

Climate fires have been burning across the country since September, and the new year has only brought more horror. Reportedly more than a billion native animals have been impacted and killed across the country and millions of hectares of habitat destroyed, and these fires are still burning.

Australia is already facing an extinction crisis and these fires are a blow to our environment and wildlife and they cannot recover without help from the Government.   

Australians are banding together and digging deep to save our wildlife and habitat, it is now time for the Federal Government to do their part.

By signing the petition you are telling the Government we need a Fighting Fund for the environment, to restore and protect the flora and fauna devastated by the fires.

I call on the Prime Minister and Environment Minister to commit immediate funding to the restoration and protection of decimated habitats and suffering animals because of catastrophic and unprecedented fires across Australia.

Protecting and restoring the environment is central to the recovery of our towns and communities.

Affected communities cannot keep bearing the brunt of the climate emergency.

I want immediate relief for those impacted and a commitment to rebuild right now.

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