End the extinction crisis

If we don’t act now our threatened species will be lost forever.

Australia has one of the worst extinction rates in the world. Australians are crying out for a solution to our extinction crisis, and for genuine action on climate change. The latest warning from the United Nations biodiversity scientists cannot be ignored.

The Greens took a comprehensive plan to save our threatened species to the election. We will continue to push the Government to respond to the key international biodiversity report for the United Nations.

New Environment Minister, Sussan Ley must take strides towards a better future by responding to this report and committing $200 million a year to threatened species recovery. If we don’t act now, our threatened species will be lost forever.

Sign the petition and call on Sussan Ley and the government to take urgent action.

Attention: Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley,

We love our native wildlife and our natural world. But climate change, land clearing, and invasive species are wreaking havoc on our environment. 

A country like Australia should not be a world leader in extinction. We must take immediate action to restore and protect what we have left, before it’s too late.

The latest warning from the United Nations biodiversity scientists cannot be ignored.  Australia has a major part to play in curbing the extinction crisis, by properly funding threatened species recovery.

I call on you to formally respond to the UN’s report on the extinction crisis and commit to $200 million a year for threatened species recovery.


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