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End the live export trade!

Enough excuses! Live exports needs to be banned. 

Only the Greens will give a voice to the voiceless and stop animal cruelty!

Sign the petition and send the message to Minister Littleproud that the cruel live sheep export trade must end. 

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Photo: 60 Minutes.

Dear Minister Ciobo and Minister Littleproud,

The mass death of thousands of sheep exported from Perth to Doha on the Awassi Express, as seen on 60 minutes on the April 8, 2018, has once again exposed the ugly truth of this cruel trade.

As the Ministers responsible for this horrific trade, I call on you to end the cruelty by banning the live sheep export trade and transition the industry to processing livestock in Australia. 

You can no longer close your eyes to the ugly truth of this death trade, it is time to act and end the cruelty.

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