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Demand Action this Threatened Species Day!

National Threatened Species Day - is a day to raise awareness and demand action for plants and animals at risk of extinction before it's too late. 

Australia has one of the worst extinction rates in the world - Over the last 200 years, more than 100 animal and plant species have become extinct. It is a national disgrace. 

Our native species are up against it all - climate change, an extinction crisis and ignorant governments.  


Australians are crying out for a solution to our extinction crisis, and for genuine action on climate change.

The Australian Government can help curb this crisis. Environment Minister Sussan Ley must commit to the bare minimum of $200 million a year to threatened species recovery.

The warning from the United Nations biodiversity scientists cannot be ignored. We will continue to push the Morrison Government to respond to the key international biodiversity report for the United Nations.

If we don’t act now, our threatened species will be lost forever.

Sign the petition and call on Environment Minister Sussan Ley and the Government to take urgent action.

Parliament is back next week and I’ll be moving a motion in the Senate calling for action to save our threatened species. Together, we can send a strong message to our country’s leaders that threatened species must be on the top of the agenda. 

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