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Big Oil not welcome in SA

Did you see our ad in the paper yesterday?


We need to protect the Bight permanently. That’s what I told Norwegian oil giant, Equinor, when I met with them this week.

Big Oil is trying to take over the Great Australian Bight. But we know more than two-thirds of South Australians and 60% of people around the country oppose drilling in the Bight. The risks are just not worth it. The wells are so deep and remote, and the ocean so rough that a spill would devastate our southern coast line from Albany in WA to Port Macquarie in NSW, putting at risk over 10,000 fishing and tourism jobs in SA alone and the future of dozens of threatened species. 

Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan wants to turn the Bight into a new gas and oil field at a time when we need to be rapidly moving away from fossil fuels. The future of the Bight and the future of the climate hangs in the balance. 

Join the Fight for the Bight, share our ad and make sure everyone knows.

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