Australian Artists and Creatives: YOU MATTER

With festivals and large events cancelled because of COVID19, we must make sure Australian artists and creatives are not forgotten or overlooked as they so often are by this Government.

Australian arts and creative industries bring in over $112 billion to Australia’s economy, employing over 600,000 people. As the COVID-19 crisis hits the economy hard and public events are cancelled for public health concerns, our arts industry is at risk of collapse.

Artists and creatives play an essential role in Australia’s cultural life and identity and provide inspiration and support to millions of people. Whether you’re a performer, producer, writer, or crew member - you matter to all of us.

The Greens are calling on the government to urgently act to save Australia’s arts and creatives industries with a $1billion package for relief and when possible, recovery. 

To back our call, we are calling on all artists and creatives to share with us a photo/image of them doing their job whether on stage or behind the scenes, or of their new book, or a music track they’d love people to stream, whatever it is that you do that you’re restricted from doing because of the shutdown.

If you're a supporter of arts and culture, we'd love you to share a pic of your favourite Aussie gig, musician or song, performer, or creative piece you've purchased to show your support.

Post it on your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) with the hashtag #ArtMatters and upload here on this website so we can collate all the amazing photos in one spot. 

Together we can show Australian artists and creatives matter and deserve and need our support. 


* Fill in your contact details 

* Click the 'choose your file' button and add the photo/image you would like to share (Please make sure you have permission to share the photo)

* press 'sign petition' button - (the photo will automatically upload) 

* Don't forget to share the photo petition campaign with your friends and use the hashtag #ArtMatters


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