Save our ABC

Save our ABC

The ABC is under the biggest attack in its history.

The Coalition Government has already cut more than $250m from the ABC’s budget – now they’re cutting a further $84 million.

The ABC has lost 1,012 jobs and $334m since Tony Abbott went to the 2013 election promising no cuts to the ABC.

Labor failed to commit to restoring the funding at the last election. They are yet to decide what they’ll do now.

The ABC needs allies, now more than ever.

Can you sign this petition and add your voice to the call to protect the ABC?

The Greens are committed to restoring every dollar lost under the Abbott and Turnbull Governments.

We recognise the value of an independent, fully funded public broadcaster. You’ve got a right to know what your government is doing. Less funding means less news.

It’s not just funding, either. Malcolm Turnbull has launched the single biggest assault on the broadcaster’s independence in living memory.

The ABC is subject to a series of reviews and pending legislation that will hobble its ability to speak truth to power.

The Government is treating the ABC like a bargaining chip in getting One Nation to support its agenda. Nothing is off the table. Pauline Hanson said she wanted the Treasurer to “whack” millions off the ABC. This Budget, he did.

The ABC is too important to be left to wither on the vine. It needs your help.

Sign this petition and tell all MPs to save the ABC.

Cuts can’t just be absorbed. There’s no fat to shed. Cuts mean ABC iview going behind a paywall. They mean regional newsrooms shrinking or shutting altogether. It means jobs disappearing and investigative journalism grinding to a halt.

Of the ten biggest Australian online news sources, five are behind a paywall. Information isn’t a privilege. If the ABC can’t shine a light, we’re all left in the dark.

Send a message – save our ABC.