Murray River

The troubles surrounding the Murray Darling Basin Plan are reaching fever pitch. It feels as though there could be another scandal break any day, the rorting has been so rife.

The Integrity of the Water Market of the Murray-Darling Basin Senate inquiry began this week, and the evidence we’ve heard so far has been staggering.

The Nationals lost the water portfolio because of Barnaby Joyce’s personal incompetence, and the truth is, they’ve proven they can’t be trusted with it. It needs to stay out of the Nationals’ hands for good.  

This week we’ve heard from people from South Australia and even New South Wales who are gravely concerned about big corporate irrigators rorting the Basin Plan, at the expense of downstream river communities and the health of our Murray River.

It is extremely concerning to hear during this inquiry how widespread it is that big corporate irrigators have been misusing water meant for the environment and at the taxpayers’ expense. 

The Basin Plan is crumbling. Will you help us send a message?  

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