It's time to fight for our Murray River

Following the ABC's Four Corners program's shocking report into water theft and the misuse of taxpayers' funds by corporate irrigators. This puts mighty Murray River at risk. It is time our Government stops turning a blind eye and investigates the management of our Murray Darling Basin -- the lifeblood of this nation.

The Murray Darling Basin Plan cost taxpayers $13 billion, an extraordinary amount, and now we see the River isn't even getting the water it needs to survive. 

The allegations of misuse and abuse of taxpayer money have put the spotlight on serious failures that must be subjected to a full investigation.

I support a Senate inquiry to find out why water that was promised for the environment has instead ended up watering wealthy cotton farms.

It is time our Government stops turning a blind eye to corporate irrigators stealing water that was meant for the environment.

The community and our Mighty Murray deserves better!

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