Government has no refugee plan beyond fear-mongering election politics

The Australian Greens have accused the government of having no plan for people seeking asylum, besides using them as the basis for a divisive fear-mongering election campaign.
"The Australian Greens have a plan. We want to process people's claims and fly those who are in need of protection to Australia safely," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.
"While the Greens have a plan, the Liberals only have fear-mongering politics.
"Today, the Immigration Minister has sought to conflate people seeking asylum with terrorism.
"Malcolm Turnbull has to decide what type of Prime Minister he wants to be. He has to decide whether he's a fear-mongering political coward like Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton or a leader with decency. I call on Malcolm Turnbull to condemn the Immigration Minister's comments out of hand.
"We don't need to have this cruel treatment of people seeking asylum, there is a better way. Assessing people's claims quickly and fairly, so that they can be flown here safely, is the answer.
"Not only does Peter Dutton want to conflate the issues of people seeking asylum with terrorism, he wants to send the people who have already been locked up illegally on Manus Island to Nauru.
"Today, Peter Dutton's out spinning like a top because Manus Island is closing and he has no exit strategy.
"The government's policy isn't about saving refugees, it isn't about saving lives, this is all about fear-mongering, punishing people and winning votes."
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