Court ruling: Minister must provide safe, lawful abortion for Nauru rape victim

The Australian Greens have welcomed the decision of the Federal Court, which has this evening ruled in favour of a Nauru rape victim who the Turnbull Government sent to Papua New Guinea for a termination instead of bringing her to Australia.

"This woman has been through enough and it's time she was brought to Australia," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"The ruling of the court makes it clear. This woman is still under the care of the Australian Immigration Minister and he must act within the law, ensuring that she's given a safe and legal abortion.

"The Minister has shown zero regard for the acute suffering of this young woman, but finally the courts have intervened and pulled him into line.

"The court has reprimanded the Immigration Minister for, once again, ignoring doctors' advice.

"This woman should never have been sent to PNG and it's shameful that she's been put in this position."

The ruling of the court showed that it would be unsafe to have the termination in PNG or Nauru, where the procedure is illegal and the level of care required in her complex case is not available.

"After what she was put through because of the government's choice to dump her on Nauru, this woman needs to be cared for," Senator Hanson-Young said.

"She should be on the next plane to Australia, where she can finally get the care and medical help that she so desperately needs."


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